Drop Off Examination

  • Customarily, appointments with our doctors are set at a specific time of day. If you are unable to stay for an appointment, however, we are happy to offer the option of a drop-off exam. Because you will not be present to answer our doctor’s questions, you will be asked to fill out a drop-off examination authorization and release. To save time, you may use the following submission form to answer these questions electronically before bringing your pet in. Remember to get in touch with our Receptionist via phone or email before bringing your pet in even if you will not be present for their exam.
  • Drop-Off Examination

    Authorization and Release
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Please indicate which of the following apply to your pet (explain as needed):
  • An available veterinarian will perform a full physical examination on your pet as soon as the schedule allows. Although we will make every effort to contact you prior to treatment, it is very important to start diagnostic procedures and treatment as soon as possible. This may include, but is not limited to blood work, radiographs,fluid therapy, and medications.
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