Telemedecine for Pets – Vet Care from Home

Millwood Animal Hospital is now offering virtual consultations! A virtual consult means that you can connect with the same doctors you know and trust, now from the comfort of your home.

We are aware that taking a pet to the hospital is not possible whenever something comes up, so we wanted to give a system that will provide flexibility in how we deliver care.

What does this mean to you? Nothing changes in the hospital. We’d like to continue your pet in person and to see you, and please remember to be certain to call in the event of an emergency.

If you are interested in connecting digitally, please download the TeleTails mobile app and enter our code MILLWOOD. The TeleTails team is happy to help you through any of this process if you need assistance!

We’re excited about working with your loved ones and you.

Some details:

The teleTails app connects you with our staff. You won't talk to a veterinarian that is third-party.

We see consultations from 6am - 10pm. Rates are $44 during normal business hours (Mon - Fri: 8 am - 5 pm, and Sat: 8 am - 12 pm) and $66 outside of these hours. If this is an emergency, please call (417) 881-7400.

Not all issues are a good fit for telemedicine. We will be up-front (and conservative as always) with you.

TeleTails is intended to supplement, rather than replace, your pet’s office visits.

We only offer telehealth services to patients with whom we have an existing relationship. We have included an example of conditions that are often a fit for digital care. Still, please remember that this list does not guarantee your pet will not have to come into Millwood Animal Hospital for additional tests/an in-person exam.


Diabetic Care and Management

Hospice care

Medication refills

Stressed/anxious pets

Coughing, Sneezing, URI signs

External parasites (fleas, ticks, mites, etc.)

Lameness evaluations

Nutritional counseling

Suture checks


Gastrointestinal upsets, intestinal parasites

Limited mobility patients and clients

Progress exam

Weight management

We’re going to do our best to be available to your pets and you; however, coverage is limited to working hours. You can anticipate a one-hour turn-around around in response, but we may occasionally be delayed due to an in-office emergency.

Use this telemedicine for pets app to efficiently and quickly acquire advice via your mobile device from your vet. Use the app to upload images and videos from your smartphone to give our vet a comprehensive look at your pet directly to your telemedicine session.